New Year Tub Thoughts

Happy New Year 2021!

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way; coming to you today from my bathtub, soaking in some nice suds this winter January in Cali. Yeah, I know it’s been a long little while since I’ve actually posted any of my personal thoughts on here. It’s been a pretty rough and arduous year, to say the least. Keeping that in mind, here’s a new post to start the year…

Man this bath water is making me sweat!

Looking forward to this year being less restrictive socially – even though I would never complain about staying away from the masses. I’m enjoying my isolation from civilian dirt. As long as I have my very very few close ones near me, Life seems easier for a Lone Wolf such as myself.

The short of it? Simply focused on my body transformation physically – and always intense focused attention on my mind/body calibration. Meditation much more, keeping that healthy eating lifestyle and staying active. Consistent weight training and body sculpting with my trainer.

Sex life is a blast. Busting fat nuts with my Prince and filming it when it feels right. Grateful.

Some minor new site updates if you look around hard enough.

Traffic to this site is there, albeit very lite. Great to see lookers from such far off countries. I’ll try to find time to research ways to beef up traffic for sure. I received a nice Go Pro style cam recently – thinking of adding a live stream to the site. That could be fun, or a big nothing burger. We’ll see. Wouldn’t hurt to learn how to make it happen.

Once I adjust gears for the growth and evolution of this site, I’ll keep you posted. Until then…keep that dick boned fuckers.

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