The More You Know.

Did you that the word pornography literally means the “writings of prostitutes.”

Sweet! Now can promptly add that to your mental file cabinet. Albeit, this is the very reason I refuse to use the term pornography when speaking of the subject. It’s never ever sat well within my own personal perspective of sex and adult entertainment.

What is a prostitute? Ever really thought about it – other than it’s surface definition?

I would imagine, sure, adult actors are basically having sex with whomever – for money the most part, or for some thing else of value. That parallel is definitively valid.

With the new media definitions, the term “pornagraphy” has evolved to include visual motion graphics, film, gifs and a plethora, when it’s authentic roots were contextual in Greek for writings mostly

How adult entertainment is perceived modernly should be debated.

If you want my view on the current climate of gay adult entertainment, let me tell you, I’m torn. My basic blanket consensus is that – not everybody should be creating it.

The major online markets are flooded with nothing but the same 10-15 or so actors, all of whom are fucking each other within the same industry circles and who knows from where else. It’s the same faces, the same dicks and the same asses in most gay mainstream media nowadays. That’s kinda disconcerting for the industry as a whole.

What does that tell you?

Anyway, you have to admit that a lot of the produced mainstream content is crap artistically. I know, I know, some don’t like their jizz videos to be too conceptual – I get it – straight to the cum shot for most of the goons out there.

But there has to be some limit to the stuff these men sex actors get into and choose to film and showcase. I mean, fisting is extreme enough. Does every perversion need to be filmed? Another debatable taboo topic no one wants to answer. Ever hear of quality over quantity? But I digress.

As a matter of fact, there is simply only ONE sole adult gay production team in which I would happily have a conversation if ever I was given the opportunity. That would be Noel Alejandro Films.

Please do check out this director/producer here.

Here’s a Spanish producer that knows how to film gay adult sex in a beautiful manner. It’s adult film work that transcends those films only focused on testosterone crazed nymphos. By him tossin some actual relatable substance into his films and elevated cinematography, he’s created a fresh and relatable story of gay trials of lust and love.

In my opinion, Noel’s “porn” is “porn” for intellectuals. And we intellectuals desire a niche with the digital-mind-fucks of the internet, equally, along with the other clear trash that’s ubiquitously rampant in 2021 gay adult entertainment.

:SIGH: Well, whatevs. I just needed to get this off my chest for some strange reason. I clearly wrote too much and didn’t really intend on it. I simply wanted to take a moment to let those of you whom may be reading this to keep an open mind on other film perspectives and outlets with more positive views on adult entertainment, and that not all of it needs to be crass and lewd, which is what you mostly view online today.

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