American Black Summer

We are half through another one.

With that said, I’m getting off my chest, here and now, that I’m officially, and finally, done with most all social media platforms and mainstream news/TV outlets. I’ve focused this mindset since the past month or so. I’ll no longer allow invisible entities that I see on a black box, to persuade, mind control, play insidious psychology games, induce fear or replace my individual Liberty, with the influx of blatant hypocrisy and disinformation, nor will I continue to freely acknowledge the ignorant and apathetic non-player characters of this dark realm.

Keep the people divided by any cost. Keep them fighting, pretentious and angry. Keep them in fear of each other. Keep them despising one other. This way, absolute control over humanity and the “gain of elitist class segregation” will be ubiquitious. Keep “science fiction” real, and watch Rome fall—once again.

Boycott the World.

History repeats when progessive generations choose to forget and when authentic Care for Humanity and Life is severed.

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