Mic Check

Taking a moment to check-in.

As of late, I’ve been mostly re-posting interesting articles that I come across, which I do hope some of ya’ll appreciate. I also just followed a hand full of new pages which should give some insights to broader perspectives on subjects. I spend so much time on a computer for work that seldom do I have any mental energy to expel toward my blog, BUT I make time. It’s a refreshing release.

There’s also another reason why I’m giving a bit more extra time to BoscoBroLife, this week at least…maybe it will get me off of Instagram for a lil while? Yes. I’m on it too much for my liking, as with most these days. Not at all a trophy statement. I figure I can and will deter my excess energy into my personal blog for a week starting and see if I can experience some sort of decompression from the insanity of the ‘gram.

It’s like an automatic pavlovian impulse. It’s mostly an eye candy platform for my kinky fractal self, but even that can eventually become redundant and tiresome viewing every day, even though most of the guys in my feed are crazy hot. But as the saying goes, everything in moderation, yea? Must take control of the AI.

We all need to keep focused on the faux reality of Instagram. It can be fun in times of boredom, but boredom must not consume our very short lives in excess. Sure. The dopamine hits are nice and all, and yea, of course, have your own personal reason for using Instagram. Mine? It’s there in preparation for when opportunity knocks, I’ll already have some personal leverage.

More to come later. I digress.

Currently I’m in this physical self elevation mind frame. I’m all about my physical potential. I’m in weekly training for a crossfit type competition at the beginning of 2022. I’ll be posting some photographs of my weekly gains in a few more weeks. I’m highly into strength training, focused mainly on legs, rear deltoids, running endurance and arms, getting my body at a some-what competitive level and even equally, getting my physique camera ready for those sexy scenes (wink wink).

On the hunt soon for a fantastic photographer. Know any?

Stay tuned.

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