Motion of the Ocean

Peep Vid Art

Have you noticed the fleeting aspect of human sexuality? Toward any degree? Of course you have. If you haven’t, you’re, possibly, too inexperienced to the workings of sex hormones. I make this statement due to half-a-lifetime of attempting to understand why the intense level changes in my libido vary so much.

Undoubtedly I now know the inter-workings of the very basics of human hormonal biomechanics to see a correlation to my curiosity. However, it has still boggled my horny mind how one minute I can want to fuck like it was the only thing that EVER mattered and then, immediately after I bust my superior load, I get a feeling of “I’m glad that’s over,” mixed with, “That was the highest high and I’m on top of the fucking world!”

Such a strange and perplexing dichotomy.

Regardless, I’m content on the fact that as long as I’m alive and healthy, this will probably never cease, as it’s a major force in human dynamics BUT it’ll definitely diminish, become even more internally regulated and evolve some as I get older. Oddly enough, I’m looking forward to it. Dads fuck better anyway, so I’m excited to see my new found sexual evolution.

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