Too Much To Say

Most times, when I’m not posting some random sex thoughts, fucking or strength training, I’m pretty busy with being a number in the clog of human labor slaves. In my mind, I have so much to say about my general sexual perspectives, yet never enough time or frequent motivation to put it all down in words that make sense.

I am actual forcing myself to write this. If I don’t make the time, I’ll never vent out my neuro-energy and end up with a clogged and muddled mind. Which always promotes stressful cortisol levels.

Squash that.

I’m waiting for a new computer to arrive so I can get back to creating content, posting and renovating the site. Can’t do much of anything from the mobile version of WP. With that said, a nifty new iPad should do the job just fine.

In other ramblings, I’m starting to devalue the mainstream adult gay industry. Yea. Go figure that one. I’ve studied it a lot being that I have an intense sexual appetite. Lots of years studying the actors, lighting, media quality and film techniques and yet I’m still in a quandary about where I would potentially fit in. None of what they seem to stand for, or in what they do publicly, is any where near to my own mentality, virtues and values. Recently I’ve affirmed that most of the performers and their contracted studios are creating content with NO SOUL. In my novice opinion, that has to be the major issue with the industry’s product of quick, heartless intimacy displayed between soulless automatons.

To a certain degree, I definitely won’t be a part of all aspects of the industry. I can’t- unless I have some sort of creative control and that doesn’t happen with these larger cold studios. But where should I be exactly? A sexually hungry, willing and hung stud bro like myself.

Unless I am offered a potential starting gig with one of these “very rare” sophisticated studios, which actually are producing high grade quality films, I may, more than likely, end up creating my own productions. I’m no longer a fan of the Onlys and the Just4s. The App quality user interface is just awful and don’t get me started about the models.

Most major gay sex studios are just way too clean-cut for my taste. I wouldn’t be thrilled about any of their poor and stale production shoots. The only studios that actually showcase my innate sex-style would be Treasure Island Media and Sketchy Sex. For me, their type of studio work is more about present moment authentic sex experiences between horned up men and not just layers of scripted, bland smoke and mirrors.

I actually had an opportunity to interview with Treasure Island Media. I met with performer and casting rep. Kenny Host. He liked my look and what I had to give and ended up offering me a gig to fuck in a group scene some weeks later. I was fucking excited!

Kenny Host

But unfortunately ended up having to turn down the offer. It just wasn’t the most opportune time for me to shift careers that fast. Plus I knew deep inside I needed to get my physique a lot more in shape before I started slanging my dick and ass on camera. If I’m gonna do it, then do it large and at my absolute best potential. TIM has been the only studio that has taken the time and interest in me. I’ve submitted to other production studios I’m sure you’ve watched but I guess I wasn’t the right look for the time.

Another angle I’ve thought about are the types of people in the industry. I mean, can I even hang with their wild lifestyles? Probably not and nor would I have any interest. I’m in it for the art and advanced sex exploration of film making and not the extra, wacky, druggy and sometimes improper demeanors of some of these actors, production shoots, directors and gay events. Another reason to make sure I have some creative control over my brand and image.

Out of all the gay adult performers I’ve seen in action on screen, I’ve only met two in real life; Bi John Johnson a.k.a Gay Ace Rockwood and Daddy Adam Russo. I had the opportunity to smash Adam’s hairy ass real good a few years back. His hole felt amazing and I actually busted my nut in him much faster than I had hoped but it was a good fucking time regardless.

Ace, or JJ, I haven’t had the pleasure of being fucked by nor even a chance to suck that mega dick, but we’ve hung out once.

John Johnson

Still not enough to get a good feel for the industry players and I haven’t gotten a sense of what these people are like beyond the sex. That’s an aspect of this journey I’ve yet to decipher. I should probably meet more pornstars I guess. Size them up. Get in their heads a bit. They seem to be my tribe in a weird perverse way. The control group is small for me; almost nonexistent.


I’ve given up on California. Taking the steps to live and work in a more intelligent state very soon. California has decayed, died; never to return to what it once was. It’s become an unlivable succubus of livelihood. I definitely don’t fit into whatever sinister place this has become. The “gay” and “hollywood” industry of segregation, lies, empty pretentiousness, exclusivity, soullessness and hypocrisy has become malignant. I’ll never fit into that clown crowd nor this clown state. Once I’m where I need to be, it’ll BE entirely avant-fresh and on my OWN fucking terms.

Mic Check

Taking a moment to check-in.

As of late, I’ve been mostly re-posting interesting articles that I come across, which I do hope some of ya’ll appreciate. I also just followed a hand full of new pages which should give some insights to broader perspectives on subjects. I spend so much time on a computer for work that seldom do I have any mental energy to expel toward my blog, BUT I make time. It’s a refreshing release.

There’s also another reason why I’m giving a bit more extra time to BoscoBroLife, this week at least…maybe it will get me off of Instagram for a lil while? Yes. I’m on it too much for my liking, as with most these days. Not at all a trophy statement. I figure I can and will deter my excess energy into my personal blog for a week starting and see if I can experience some sort of decompression from the insanity of the ‘gram.

It’s like an automatic pavlovian impulse. It’s mostly an eye candy platform for my kinky fractal self, but even that can eventually become redundant and tiresome viewing every day, even though most of the guys in my feed are crazy hot. But as the saying goes, everything in moderation, yea? Must take control of the AI.

We all need to keep focused on the faux reality of Instagram. It can be fun in times of boredom, but boredom must not consume our very short lives in excess. Sure. The dopamine hits are nice and all, and yea, of course, have your own personal reason for using Instagram. Mine? It’s there in preparation for when opportunity knocks, I’ll already have some personal leverage.

More to come later. I digress.

Currently I’m in this physical self elevation mind frame. I’m all about my physical potential. I’m in weekly training for a crossfit type competition at the beginning of 2022. I’ll be posting some photographs of my weekly gains in a few more weeks. I’m highly into strength training, focused mainly on legs, rear deltoids, running endurance and arms, getting my body at a some-what competitive level and even equally, getting my physique camera ready for those sexy scenes (wink wink).

On the hunt soon for a fantastic photographer. Know any?

Stay tuned.

The More You Know.

Did you that the word pornography literally means the “writings of prostitutes.”

Sweet! Now can promptly add that to your mental file cabinet. Albeit, this is the very reason I refuse to use the term pornography when speaking of the subject. It’s never ever sat well within my own personal perspective of sex and adult entertainment.

What is a prostitute? Ever really thought about it – other than it’s surface definition?

I would imagine, sure, adult actors are basically having sex with whomever – for money the most part, or for some thing else of value. That parallel is definitively valid.

With the new media definitions, the term “pornagraphy” has evolved to include visual motion graphics, film, gifs and a plethora, when it’s authentic roots were contextual in Greek for writings mostly

How adult entertainment is perceived modernly should be debated.

If you want my view on the current climate of gay adult entertainment, let me tell you, I’m torn. My basic blanket consensus is that – not everybody should be creating it.

The major online markets are flooded with nothing but the same 10-15 or so actors, all of whom are fucking each other within the same industry circles and who knows from where else. It’s the same faces, the same dicks and the same asses in most gay mainstream media nowadays. That’s kinda disconcerting for the industry as a whole.

What does that tell you?

Anyway, you have to admit that a lot of the produced mainstream content is crap artistically. I know, I know, some don’t like their jizz videos to be too conceptual – I get it – straight to the cum shot for most of the goons out there.

But there has to be some limit to the stuff these men sex actors get into and choose to film and showcase. I mean, fisting is extreme enough. Does every perversion need to be filmed? Another debatable taboo topic no one wants to answer. Ever hear of quality over quantity? But I digress.

As a matter of fact, there is simply only ONE sole adult gay production team in which I would happily have a conversation if ever I was given the opportunity. That would be Noel Alejandro Films.

Please do check out this director/producer here.

Here’s a Spanish producer that knows how to film gay adult sex in a beautiful manner. It’s adult film work that transcends those films only focused on testosterone crazed nymphos. By him tossin some actual relatable substance into his films and elevated cinematography, he’s created a fresh and relatable story of gay trials of lust and love.

In my opinion, Noel’s “porn” is “porn” for intellectuals. And we intellectuals desire a niche with the digital-mind-fucks of the internet, equally, along with the other clear trash that’s ubiquitously rampant in 2021 gay adult entertainment.

:SIGH: Well, whatevs. I just needed to get this off my chest for some strange reason. I clearly wrote too much and didn’t really intend on it. I simply wanted to take a moment to let those of you whom may be reading this to keep an open mind on other film perspectives and outlets with more positive views on adult entertainment, and that not all of it needs to be crass and lewd, which is what you mostly view online today.