Motion of the Ocean

Peep Vid Art

Have you noticed the fleeting aspect of human sexuality? Toward any degree? Of course you have. If you haven’t, you’re, possibly, too inexperienced to the workings of sex hormones. I make this statement due to half-a-lifetime of attempting to understand why the intense level changes in my libido vary so much.

Undoubtedly I now know the inter-workings of the very basics of human hormonal biomechanics to see a correlation to my curiosity. However, it has still boggled my horny mind how one minute I can want to fuck like it was the only thing that EVER mattered and then, immediately after I bust my superior load, I get a feeling of “I’m glad that’s over,” mixed with, “That was the highest high and I’m on top of the fucking world!”

Such a strange and perplexing dichotomy.

Regardless, I’m content on the fact that as long as I’m alive and healthy, this will probably never cease, as it’s a major force in human dynamics BUT it’ll definitely diminish, become even more internally regulated and evolve some as I get older. Oddly enough, I’m looking forward to it. Dads fuck better anyway, so I’m excited to see my new found sexual evolution.

Delay that Nut Bust!

Seriously though, I recently purchased this nut bust delay spray offered by HIMS. Going into it, I was skeptical cause I tried some other lame brand and I didn’t get a good result whatsoever. This stuff however, WHOA, finally a spray that actually does what it’s brand is marketed for- trust.

Guys – or Ladies with a dude in need, the HIMS Climax Delay Spray will keep you pounding and smashing long after you thought you were ready to explode. I was smashing hole as if the world was ending that night!

It’s a bit pricey but if it’s within your budget and if you feel it would make your sex life enhanced, definitely consider it for your bedside night stand bro!

Fashion Rant

One of the largest financial scams of today, and the huge elephant in the room – fashion. And especially Men’s fashion. Ever since this dystopian reset that was engineered last year, the clothing retail world has been flipped upside down. Not sure if you’ve actually noticed.

First of all, the main issue is that, currently, no brick and mortar clothing establishment is allowing operational fitting rooms. As the retailer Cotton-On displayed in their stores, “Be Kind. Our fitting rooms are closed”. I guess a little over a year ago, trying on clothes in the dressing room, by oneself, wasn’t kind.

Viruses, whether man-made or not, do not hang out on surfaces, or on clothes hangers, mirrors or on dry fabric. Unsurvivable. Remember when everyone thought you could get HIV from hugging a person? Same thing. Come on folks.

At-any-rate, now we are forced to pay for clothes, that we aren’t even sure fits us appropriately. Yet we still have to pay full price with zero autonomy. Get home, finally size them on in real life, then take them back cause clearly I wasn’t able to tweak anything at the store.

I guess online shopping is the only viable option if I want a regular rotation of gym and casual attire. BUT online shopping SUCKS. Shipping costs. Delivery taking weeks on end. Return shipping costs. Being delivered from third world, who knows from where and from what countries. Images are never colored corrected. Sizes are all over the place. Cheap materials. Bad tailoring. The prices for casual and gym wear is through the roof! And the quality is almost always on the lower end.

In my opinion, any Joe Schmoe out there can now promote trash products and merchandise online via popular social platforms. And you never know if their merchandise is even of superior quality before you pay these vultures. It’s trashy, greedy and lacks common empathy.

That’s Capitalism. Though frustrating, I wouldn’t want it any other way. Free market reigns, however, with many asterisks.