It’s clear I’m an exhibitionist.

I’m actually glad I’m finally clear on how this came to be. It stems from childhood, as do most all of adult temperament. I actually remember the moment I was triggered – or actually thrown into an experience as a very young developing mind. It did involved a group of people watching and staring at me. I suppose that’s how my psychological development began. It’s a refreshing revelation on how my head works.

As I’m thinking about it more, all of my fetishes started in a personal childhood experience. Go figure. They release a type of energy that contrasts the monotonous worker strawman paradigm in which we’ve all signed.

Always been an avid fitness type guy which makes the physical aspects of “showing-off” a bit more natural a task to maintain.

All in all, it’s a character trait I embrace in order to complete myself.

Consistent Passions

Whoever so stumbles upon this site in curiosity, I welcome you. In my opinion, you’ve found a little bit of manly gold. Given that this is the type of material you’re delighted to view and read, may it bring you all the fantasies your mind can muster up for those times when they are valued. Only you know.

I start off with the headline – Consistent Passions. I feel it best to preface this digital journey with a life-hack I’ve figured out thus far; learn what it is with which you are naturally and infinitely curious and fascinated. Discover that passion, somehow. There may be numerous passions, innate within yourself which may need organization. A lot of times, these passions stay with you your entire life, moreso subconsciously. How you can use them to your advantage and fulfillment is totally your personal creation. In my own fractal universe of reality, male sensuality, sex appeal, archetypes, dress and biochemistry appeal to my most deepest and intimate fascinations. It’s in that allure that I desire to share my unique perspective on the gay male lifestyle, whether taboo or intellectual in insight, they are thoughts and perceptions that actually do exists in our collective fabric of patriarchal humanity.

Every person has a shadow self. One can try to deny and suppress this fact, but if there is no personal self-acceptance of ones own shadow side, a tough road lies ahead – introspectively speaking. Jordan Peterson speaks well on adaptation and observation of ones own shadow or “dark side.” That “side” can take numerous forms, but they will arise, and will, to some degree, speak to each one of us in a loud whisper. It speak to us for a reason; for calibration and for cosmic balance.

At the end-of-the-day, what I’m attempting to get at is, don’t beat yourself up over who you may feel you are, or who you think you may want to become. Do observe your subconscious and act with clarity and good reason. All of your endeavors, shadow included, should be given “awareness” as to their validity and focus, and perhaps at times, no action. Explore what you whilst in moderation.

Stubbornly, that does include sex.